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The “Dealership Alternative” in Orlando

Mercedes Benz owners know how special their vehicle is, which is why having Jerry’s German Car  Service Inc. for your car’s maintenance needs is a perfect match. 

You can rest assured knowing we know Mercedes Benz SUVs, cars, and trucks inside and out. Our facilities are easy to access in the Orlando area, and we utilize the latest equipment and computer diagnostic systems your vehicle requires.

We provide the following:

  • Safe and secure premises for your vehicle’s stay

  • Mercedes Benz-approved products

  • Original equipment parts

  • Vehicle drop-off any hour of the day or night

You can count on us for inspections, repairs, diagnostics, and other Mercedes service needs. If you’re in or near Oviedo and have Mercedes repair questions or concerns, contact us at 407-366-6499 to speak with a technician right away!

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